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the song didnt start very well, actually is just because of the synth it looks like if you heard it empty and you just threw the first sound you find take your time to find something that fits, moving on, the lead isn't bad but you could have take advantage of it changing some sounds and mixing details,the synth that enters at 0:27 has to much volume and just eclipses the other sounds, something i like that its little but important its the break at 0:54 it takes out of the song any possibility of it being repetitive. This song could just be good or great depending on how much time you have been using fruity loops. You have good ideas but with experience you will learn how to take the maximum advantage of it, this song could be a lot better if you administrate the volume of each instrument and equalization, also, the fact of having a demo will only influence if your project its looong and detailed(because you can save it obviously and work on it for three months,not my case) i used FL DEMO for a year im only using xxl a month ago. What makes a producer great its the capability of showing emotions and handle of sounds in a song with any instrument( actually any sound even someone screaming), FL comes with MORE than needed to make a n1 hit in America (not kidding) so well...bye and good luke with future projects ;D 4/5 7/10

Theledge93 responds:

hey bud. check out my other songs. those were done with the Full XXL version. esecially Gazes of the Thousands. it has that emotion that your looking for.

i'm not at my home pc, so i just have the demo. but i understand what your saying. you can develop a project further if you can save it. i didn't want to download all the extra soundfont shit that's on my home pc, so i just went with what was there.

definetly not a surprise

cause this is an awesome song, every single review in your songs its just useless cause your pieces have no mistakes, and you dont just make melody that sound nice or good, it has felling you know, and thats something important, nice to see that what you do comes from the heart, i felt it while hearing the song, i really thank you for sending me the PM to hear your song cause i enjoyed it a lot 5/5 10/10. its going to my favs, really need some other stuff beside house or dance music.

PD: your music is soooooo awesome, that i am really thinking on not making more music, you just kill my self-esteem with this piece.(just joking)

good song

the song is cool but the kick... its just like a bass doesnt sound like a kick, im not saying that the kick has too much bass, all im saying is that it needs to be a little more punchy, the build up-synths were a little bit weird for me but well i know thats just my taste. the song its repetitive i think it would be very cool to the style you are making to play with the bass filters something like deadmau5 you know. i liked also that little synth, i just cant describe but it gives the song personality. it is a good song. well think a bit you should reduce a little bit the bass. 5/5 9/10 keep the good work

DjScantron99 responds:

Yeah i kinda know what you mean about the kick
ill work on it
Ha and i know what little synth your talking about
thanks for the good review =]


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